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Buy Duloxetine Online

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dithymol so obtained is dissolved in alcohol and allowed to remain in con- tact with Buy Duloxetine Online animal charcoal for 10 to 12 hours, whereupon it is again filtered and mixed with an equal volume of boiling water. On cooling, dithymol crystallizes out of the mixture and may then be completely purified by crystallization from 60 per cent, alcohol. The pure dithymol so obtained contains i mol. of water of crystallization (CaoHjjO, -f H,0) ; it melts at ioo-ioi** C, losing its water of crystallization, and then melting at 164- 165 C. Pharm. Ztg., Hi (1908), No. 38, 379; from L'Union Pharm., 1908, No. 3. Dithymol Compounds with Chlorine, H. Cousin finds that when a current of chlorine is allowed to act on dithymol (QJ^iJ^t^t in suspension in chloroform, Dichlorodithymol (CaoH24Cl,0,) is primarily formed. On further action, the halogen acts as a deoxidizer, and removing two atoms of hydrogen from this dichloro compound, forms Dichlorodithymoquinone (CmHwCIjO,). Finally, if the action of the Digitized by Google RECOVERED ALCOHOL. 345 chlorine is continued^ this derivative fixes two atoms of chlorine and forms a compound (C^HnCUOj), which must be looked upon as the Dichloride of Dichlorodithymoguinone, since, from its reactions it does not appear to Buy Duloxetine Online be a tetrachloride of dithymol ; for it is insoluble in soda, and can be reduced by SO2 in alcoholic solution, and by powdered zinc, to dichlordithymol. Chem. News, May 15, 1908, 239; from Compt. rend., 146 (190S), No. 12. Oil of Vitex Agnus Casius Characters and Constituents, Schimmel & Co., having received from Buy Duloxetine Online Asia Minor a parcel of leaves of Vitex agnus vastus ^ from time immemorial valued in the Orient as a medicinal and wonder plant, have distilled from them the volatile oil. Buy Duloxetine Online The yield was 0.48 per cent. ; it was of a brown color, had a not unpleasant, hyssop-like odor, and gave the following constants: duo, Buy Duloxetine Online 0.9010; aoj 7** 55'; acid No., 6.4; ester No., 18.3; ester No. after acetylation, 58.4; sol- uble in 0.4 and more 90 per cent, alcohol. Of constituents, cineol was detected with certainty ; it appears also to contain some sabinene and a quinone. Schimmel's Rep., 1908, 121. ALCOHOLS AND DERIVATIVES. Alcohol New Percentage Tables, Since the publication of an elaborate alcohol table by Dr. Edward W. Mosley (Joum. Am. Chem. Buy Duloxetine Online Soc, Oct., 1904), based upon the exhaustive researches of Mendel^eff on the density at different temperatures of mixtures of alcohol and water, A. B. Lyons has had it in mind to deduce from Mosley's figures a new table for prac- tical use. Mosley *s tables give the true specific gravity for each integral per- centage by weight from o to 100 per cent., for each degree of Buy Duloxetine Online the centigrade hydrogen thermometer from 15** to 22 C; but such a table is not at Buy Duloxetine Online all adapted to the needs of the practical pharmacist. The new interest in alcoholometry resulting from recent legislation has supplied an incentive and Dr. Lyons has now, after laborious calculations, constructed three new tables which enable the pharmacist to determine the correct volume percentages corresponding to the given specific gravities at certain tem- peratures. Table I gives the apparent specific gravity of alcohol of various strengths {a) at 15.56** C, (60** F.), and {b) at 25** C, (77 F.) Table IT contains the data for quite exact determinations of alcohol per- centages by specific gravities taken with pycnometer, Westphal balance or ** spindle " at ordinary room temperatures. Table III is intended for ordinary use where results of great exactness are not required. These several tables may be consulted in Pharm. Rev., Dec, 1907, 353-361. Recovered Alcohol Table for its Convenient Conversion into Menstrua of Required Strength. To prepare from recovered alcohol, which of course varies greatly in strength, a spirit of a certain definite percentage calls for a rather troublesome mathematical calculation. The difficulty is Digitized by Google 346 REPORT ON TOE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. that when alcohol and water are mixed, condensation of volume takes place. It is convenient, therefore, to make Buy Duloxetine Online the necessary calculations once for all, and this has been done by Dr. A. B. Lyons, who has con- structed from the results of careful calculation a table by reference to which any individual problem may at once be solved. The table gives only the volumes of official alcohol required to make loo volumes of a desired mixture, measured after cooling, but includes nearly all menstrua likely to be required. It is impracticable, of course, to reproduce this compendious table in this report, and it must therefore be consulted in the original. In fact, a reprint of this elaborate table, mounted on card- board, would prove exceedingly convenient for consultation in the pharma- cists* daily laboratory work, if the author can see his way clear to have it published in this desirable shape. Pharm. Rev., June, 1908, 161-166. Alcohol Dehydration with Lime, Anton Kailan has studied the ques- tion of the dehydration of alcohol by prolonged heating with lime under a reflux condenser in place of repeated distillation. It is found that by using 0.55 kilo of lime per liter, 92.93 per cent, alcohol may be converted into either 99.5 per cent, or 99.9 per cent, by heating for three and a half or six hours respectively. If a larger quantity of lime be used the Buy Duloxetine Online dehy- dration may be effected more rapidly, but the amount of alcohol retained by the lime is much greater. Pharm. Journ., Febr. 8, 1908, 151 ; from Monatsh. f. Chem., 28 (1907), 927, through Chem. Centralbl., 1907, 2, 1489. Alcohol-^ Estimation in Galenical Preparations, Professor Wilbur L Scoville contributes a valuable essay on the estimation of alcohol in galen- ical pieparations. It is impracticable to condense this paper, but phar- macists will find it very interesting and will doubtless consult it with much profit, since the author has a wide experience in practical laboratory operations, and particularly those connected with the preparation of galenicals. Drugg. Circ, Jan., 1908, 6-7.
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